Dr Clea Alexander

Dr Anita Bearzatto

Dr Christie Bryant

Dr Peter Cheng

Dr Krish Dinesh

Dr Tanya Duke

Dr Ebony Dunne

Dr Kate Exon

Dr Angela Keen

Dr Nick Kokotis

Dr Roy Kumar

Dr Jason Lam

Dr Myn Lee

Dr Angela Lei

Dr Nyree Littler

Dr Kachig Malyan

Dr Caroline McBride 

Dr Monique Mortale

Dr Ananya Murthy

Dr Jason Rajakulendran

Dr Krishnan Rasaratnam

Dr Alison Sully

Dr Joan San

Dr Sara Tarafi

Dr Belinda Tricks

Dr Pradeep Vijayanand

Dr Jenny Kimmins

Bluff Road Medical was established in 1987 as a family medical clinic in Sandringham. It has grown to become a leading Bayside General Practice. The medical clinic currently works with many indepedent practitioners, ably supported by our large nursing and administration staff. Bluff Road Medical provides professional medical care for all ages in a friendly environment. If you’ve been searching for a family doctor in Bayside Sandringham, then look no further!

Doctors at Bluff Road Medical

A variety of doctors with a broad spectrum of experience and professional expertise work with us at Bluff Road. The doctors continually undertake professional development education to remain up-to-date with the latest medical techniques and treatment options, so that they can provide you with the most appropriate medical care possible.

Our Commitment

  • To ensure patients receive timely care and advice appropriate to their individual needs.
  • To keep patient medical records and patient information CONFIDENTIAL.
  • To allow patients to communicate their health concerns so that you can receive enough information to make informed decisions with doctors about your care.
  • To focus on health promotion, as well as disease prevention and treatment.
  • To work with other health professionals and services, where appropriate, to improve the care provided to patients.