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Breastfeeding & Postnatal Care

Breastfeeding and Postnatal Care

If you’re a new mother who is experiencing difficulty with breastfeeding or other postnatal issues, we understand it can be a challenging time and are here to help.

At Bluff Road Medical, we offer a range of lactation (breastfeeding) and maternal and child health services to support you through those first few months and beyond.


Lactation (breastfeeding)

  • Antenatal lactation consultations (preparing for breastfeeding/discussing previous breastfeeding issues)
  • Nipple and breast pain
  • Nipple and breast infections, including mastitis, abscess and thrush
  • Nipple vasospasm
  • Blocked ducts
  • Nipple conditions like cracks, white spot and dermatitis
  • Position and latch issues
  • Slow weight gain in the breastfed baby
  • Breastmilk oversupply and undersupply
  • Infant fussiness at the breast
  • Infant oral assessment including release of tongue tie (where such a procedure may assist breastfeeding)
  • Maternal medications in breastfeeding
  • Induced lactation or re-lactation
  • Issues related to the introduction of solids and weaning


Other Postnatal Care Services

  • 6-week check-up for mother and baby
  • Maternal mental and physical health
  • Infant sleep issues
  • Immunisation
  • Paediatrics
  • General medical issues of the mother and baby

Experience you can trust

At Bluff Road Medical Centre, we have a team of doctors on hand to help you with everything from feeding and sleeping problems, to ongoing maternal and child health care.


Dr Anita Bearzatto


GP & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Dr Anita Bearzatto is our onsite breastfeeding specialist. As one of the few doctors in Melbourne who is also a lactation consultant, Dr Anita can provide specialised advice to support new mothers to achieve their breastfeeding goals, while also diagnosing and prescribing medications where necessary.

Dr Anita is happy to assist with any lactation issue, from positioning problems through to more complicated lactation issues requiring investigation and medical treatment.

As a GP with a strong interest in maternal and child health, Dr Anita also performs postnatal (6-week) check-ups for mothers and babies. She is able to provide advice to new mothers about physical and mental health issues, as well as a range of General Practice problems. Dr Anita can also assess concerns such as unsettledness, hip, heart, skin or skull abnormalities in babies.

Availability: Dr Anita Bearzatto

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Dr Susan Barnett


GP & Focused Counselling

Dr Susan Barnett provides specialised counselling for pregnant women and new mothers.

Depression and anxiety can affect anyone, but new mums are often more likely to experience these conditions during pregnancy and the first year of their baby’s life. After all, becoming a parent is a life-changing experience that can be stressful!

If you don’t feel like your usual self, it’s important to remember you are not alone. According to the World Health Organisation, about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of new mothers experience mental health problems, primarily depression.

If left untreated, anxiety and depression can make it hard for you to enjoy your pregnancy and care for your newborn. Please book in with Dr Susan if you feel you need support in this area.

AvailabilityDr Susan Barnett

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Dr Joanne Simpson

MBBS, FRACGP, DRANZCOG, Graduate Certificate Allergic Disease.

Dr Joanne Simpson has a special interest in infant sleep dysfunction. She has affiliations with the Masada Early Parenting Centre (previously named the Mother Baby Unit), which helps mothers and infants with sleep concerns.

During the first few months, it’s normal for babies to wake during the night. However, if after six months of age your baby consistently wakes multiple times a night and takes more than half an hour to settle.

Dr Joanne can offer advice about behaviour-based strategies to improve your baby’s sleep, as well as tips for how to help settle your little one. Her other areas of interest include paediatrics, obstetrics (shared care), allergies and women’s health.

Availability: Dr Jo Simpson

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Information about the Masada Early Parenting Centre

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