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A Uroflow test is often done in conjunction with other investigations to assess bladder problems by measuring how fast you pass urine (maximum urinary flow rate).

You will be required to urinate into special device which measures electronically how fast your urine is expelled. After you have emptied your bladder into the flow rate device, we will use an ultrasound bladder scanner to see if your bladder has emptied completely.
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Urgent PC

Urgent PC is a treatment for Incontinence, Overactive Bladder and Faecal Incontinence. The treatment is a minimally invasive therapy easily administered in a clinic’s rooms and involves having a thin needle electrode in your ankle which delivers electrical impulses which travel through the tibial nerve to the sacral plexus. This process is also referred to as neuromodulation.

An initial series of 12 treatments will be scheduled about a week apart and may require some maintenance doses.

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Bladder Instillations

Bladder Instillations are done to treat severe bladder pain due to conditions such as interstitial cystitis or recurrent urinary tract infections and involves a liquid medication inserted into your bladder via a catheter through your urethra into your bladder.

This allows the medication to treat the whole bladder lining. The medications used are not toxic so it is safe for you to pass your urine normally into any toilet. You will be required to stay in the consulting rooms for 1 hour following the instillation to be monitored. Follow-up treatments are then considered based on individual circumstances.
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