COVID-19 Information – Bluff Road Medical remains open

Please do not defer regular healthcare or cancer screeningWe remain Open during COVID-19, offering patients Remote Health Consults by phone, video AND where necessary, private face to face services. These include skin checks, cancer screening, preventative checks, all vaccinations and routine procedures via our HotDoc Online booking system.

During the lockdown period, entry into the clinic is by appointment only. Please wait in your parked car until you are phoned and asked to enter the clinic (red arrow signs will direct you to enter from a side door).  If you have been advised by your doctor to quickly pick up any pre-arranged documentation, please use the front main entrance (ramp access). Please call us for any concerns or queries about entering the clinic and stay safe.

Due to rising numbers of new COVID-19 cases in Melbourne, we kindly ask all patients attending our practice for in-person appointments to please wear a mask prior to arrival, preferably your own reusable one. This follows Victorian government advice to help keep patients and staff as safe as possible. For now, patients without a mask will be provided with one upon arrival.

Our COVID-19 response will greatly help reduce the risk of exposure for our staff and to patients. Flu vaccine sessions are available with safe, dedicated in-clinic vaccine administration. Please call to check vaccine availability or wait list. If you have any health concerns please book appointments online or on 9598 6244.

For further information about COVID-19 please see clinic news, and for information about self-swabbing here. If at risk, please review self isolation guidelines at the useful symptom checker site.

Please practice good personal hygiene and social distancing by avoiding mass gatherings, visiting the elderly or those at risk, or by wearing masks. Dedicated COVID-19 testing clinics exist near major hospitals including Monash Clayton and Alfred Hospital.

Alternatively we recommend you follow current status updates, download the Coronavirus Australia app or ring the national hotline on 1800 020 080. For the Victorian Health Department please call 1800 675 398 or visit the Victorian COVID-19 website. Lastly to reduce COVID-19 spread, please download the COVIDSafe contact tracing app.

Our Psychology  team are available and continue to offer mental health consultations remotely, via telephone and video conferencing options. Currently 30 or 50 minute appointments are available, please see here.  Call 9598 6244 or go online to make an appointment or to seek help.


Have you been looking for a Sandringham medical clinic where you can access all your primary care medical services under the one roof? Perhaps you’ve been trying to find a Sandringham family GP whom you can trust with all your medical needs for the long-term? Then, look no further!

At Bluff Road Medical Centre, our Sandringham doctors cater to people of all ages, from all walks of life. We strive to practice evidence-based medicine for all our patients.

Bluff Road Medical Centre is an accredited practice, meaning we have been recognised as providing the highest standard of quality care and service.

Each three years we are independently assessed against the Australian Health Care standards for General Practice.

We believe in ongoing quality assurance and welcome any suggestions or criticism to better improve our practice and services.

Suggestion Boxes are provided in each waiting room.

The Medical Clinic provides out-of-hours care via National Home Doctor Service.

Please call 13 SICK (13 7425) or visit their website for services and fees.
All medical notes relating to a visit from National Home Doctor Service is downloaded electronically directly into your medical history.

If your matter is urgent, please present to your local hospital emergency department or call emergency TRIPLE ZERO (000).

Sandringham Hospital
193 Bluff Rd, Sandringham VIC 3191, Phone (03) 9076 1000

Monash Medical Centre Clayton
246 Clayton Rd, Clayton VIC 3168, Phone (03) 9594 6666

Holmesglen Private Hospital (Private)
490 South Rd, Moorabbin, 3189, Phone: (03) 9567 9000

Cabrini Hospital (Private)
181-183 Wattletree Road, Malvern, 3144, Phone: (03) 9508 1500

Epworth Richmond (Private)
89 Bridge Road, Richmond, 3121, Phone: (03) 9426 6666

Your allergy test appointment will be with Dr. Joanne Simpson, a General Practitioner with advanced training in allergy assessment and management. Initially you will be asked to attend a standard 15-minute appointment to discuss your allergy concerns, or those of your child. We will determine if allergy testing at our practice is appropriate for you or whether referral to a specialist allergist is more appropriate.

If a skin prick allergy test is required, please note that you will be required to attend our clinic on another occasion to undertake the test.  Please allow about 60-90 minutes for this appointment, as it will involve skin prick testing followed by a 20 to 30-minute medical consultation to read the test results. During this time, we will discuss the results and any further management with you. Allergy tests should be avoided when your asthma is unstable or if you are generally unwell.

Please complete our simple allergy questionnaire and bring it with you to your first appointment with Dr. Simpson. If you are unable to fill out the questionnaire beforehand, please arrive five minutes prior to the commencement of your first consultation to complete it at the clinic.

You can find further allergy-related information under Forms and Resources.

Bluff Road Medical Centre has a proud tradition of providing maternity services to our community. We have a number of experienced GP Obstetricians who have delivered thousands of babies between them.

Before the Birth

We work jointly with the Royal Women’s at Sandringham Hospital to care for you throughout your pregnancy. Alternatively, you may wish to use the private system and choose your obstetrician. “Shared care” means that the majority of your pregnancy care is conducted at Bluff Road Medical by a maternity doctor.

Our Maternity Shared Care Doctors include:

  • Bill Walker
  • Joanne Simpson
  • Joan San
  • Angela Keen
  • Kate Exon

The first antenatal visit is quite complex and we kindly request that you book a double appointment (30mins).

After the Birth

Following the birth of your baby, we can take care of all your postnatal health concerns, and those of your newborn. We offer lactation (breastfeeding) advice from our resident GP lactation consultant, Dr Anita Bearzatto.

A six-week postnatal check-up needs to be booked in advance as a double appointment. It includes both mother and child and involves a separate fee payable at the time of consultation.

To make an appointment, please call our Sandringham medical clinic on 9598 6244.

At Bluff Road Medical Centre, we offer asthma education sessions. These usually take about an hour. Your nurse will review your asthma information, puffer technique, and may recommend spirometry (lung function testing).

Please ask your doctor for more information about this service. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with one of our nurses to discuss what’s involved.

To make an appointment, please call our Sandringham medical clinic on 9598 6244.

At Bluff Road Medical we can provide GP Chronic Disease Care Plans for patients with chronic medical conditions. For those who qualify, these plans may allow referrals to access the services of our Allied Health colleagues, including podiatry, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, dietetics and so on.

Please make a double appointment with our specialist care plan nurses, Kathleen or Libby. Call our medical centre in Sandringham on 9598 6244.

Care Plan appointments have NO out-of-pocket expenses.

We have dedicated childhood vaccination sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am to 12pm conducted by the doctors and nurses at Bluff Road Medical Centre.

Please make an appointment at our family clinic in Sandringham on 9598 6244. Please bring your child’s immunisation record.

Comprehensive family planning and contraception advice can be provided on all available methods, including Mirena, Implanon NXT, Nuvaring and all contraceptive pills.
Our experienced Diabetes Educator, Teresa Amoore, assists our diabetics and provides advice about all diabetes-related concerns. This can be from what to eat, how to get active, how to use insulin injections and pumps, how to monitor your blood glucose levels and more.

Tess consults at Bluff Road on Fridays.

Please call our clinic on 9598 6244 for an appointment.

Websites of interest:

Our dietitian, Mary Lucas, consults on Mondays.

Mary provides expert nutritional advice for all patients in the management of a wide range of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, IGT, coronary heart disease, obesity (including management of patients on Optifast VLCD), hyerplipidaemia/dyslipidaemia, IBS and gastrointestinal issues (including fructose intolerance).

Her appointments are a minimum of 30 minutes, but complex cases may require an hour. Mary takes patients with GP Management Plans, as well as private patients. DVA gold card holders are catered for and she visits housebound patients and DVA card holders, provided a GP referral is available.


GP Management Plan recipients with concession cards have no out-of-pocket expense.

GP Management Plan recipients without concession cards are out-of-pocket $15.

Private patients are charged for either 30 minute or 60 minute appointments.

The out-of-pocket expense will depend on your private health fund and level of cover.

DVA gold card holders are billed direct DVA.

Flu and pneumonia vaccinations are usually available from late March each year but can vary. Vaccination sessions are organised in response to demand during peak times.

The vaccination is free for patients who are aged over 65 or with chronic conditions. For all other patients, there is a private cost for the vaccine.

Please enquire at reception about these special vaccination sessions. Please call our Sandringham medical clinic on 9598 6244.

This entails a home visit by one of our nurses and a follow-up appointment at the clinic with the patient’s usual doctor.

One of our nurses will contact you to organise a home visit for an annual ‘over 75 health assessment’.

We find these visits are a valuable opportunity to assess your overall health needs, and have introduced it now as a routine for all our patients > 75 years of age.

We would encourage you to allow the nurse to visit you at home to complete the assessment. Your nurse will complete a report and organise a follow-up appointment with your doctor. This consultation is billed through Medicare (there’s no cost to you).

Nursing home visits or urgent home visits within normal opening hours are available if a patient is too ill to attend, and where it is safe, reasonable and possible for the doctor to do so.

The patient must be a regular long-term patient of the practice and live close to the medical centre. All in hours home visits will attract a private fee and be booked at the sole discretion of the doctor.

The clinic provides 24 hours, 7 days a week after hours cover.

For information regarding the ON-Call Doctor, please call 9429 5677 (Locum Service).

For emergencies, phone TRIPLE ZERO (000) or contact the nearest emergency department at Sandringham Hospital on 9076 1470 or 9079 1000.

Dr Anita Bearzatto is an experienced lactation consultant assisting mothers with all types of breastfeeding problems. Anita can assist with:

  • Breast feeding problems
  • Nipple pain or damage
  • Breast pain or mastitis
  • Vasospasm
  • Low milk supply or over supply
  • Fussy baby or breast refusal
  • Issues with expressing milk
  • Returning to work whilst still feeding or weaning breastfeeds.

Anita can also help with common problems newborn/infant issues such as: latch issues, tongue tie, sleep issues, unsettled baby, colic/gas/wind, issues of growth and development, baby skin rashes, introduction of solids or poor eaters.

For further information, please see Anita’s website:

For Lactation consultation information click here.

For Tongue-Tie information click here.

For an appointment with Anita, please ring our Sandringham medical clinic on 9598 6244.

Our maternity doctor team has looked after thousands of mothers and babies, and we continue to offer maternity care. We work jointly in ‘shared-care’ with the Royal Women’s at Sandringham Hospital.

We can provide lactation (breastfeeding) advice, plus immunisation services. We hope to look after you and the social and medical wellbeing of your new family.

For more information about our maternity doctor team, please click here.

We cover the full suite of health care services for men and women, from preventive health care and screening tests, to contraception advice (Mirena IUD & Implanon NXT insertion) and risk assessments.
If you require a medical certificate for school or work, please be aware that you will have to attend an appointment. Medical certificates cannot be organised over the phone or by email unless a consultation with the Doctor has already taken place.

It is illegal to back-date medical certificates or issue them without a consultation.

To make an appointment, please call our Sandringham medical clinic on 9598 6244.

Minor surgery (e.g. mole removal, sutures, insertion of contraceptive devices, certain Iron transfusions) is conducted by our doctors with the assistance of our practice nurses on-site in our fully equipped treatment rooms.

A facility fee may be charged for procedures performed in our treatment room. Please ask your doctor about the kinds of fees involved.

Melbourne Pathology service is available at 2 Lawson Parade (behind the Medical Centre) from Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5 pm and Saturday 8 am to 12 noon.

Appointments are not necessary.


Podiatry consultations are available onsite at Bluff Road Medical Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Sandringham Foot Centre is an established podiatry practice that has been providing high-level podiatry care to people in the Bayside area since 2009. Experienced podiatrists Chelsey Tregear, Tess Beddome, Bianca David and Yasemin Gezmish consult at Bluff Road Medical Centre.

Information on services click here.

Click on the link for more information

The Doctors at Bluff Road Medical Centre request that you make an appointment when repeat prescriptions and referrals are required. We actively discourage repeat prescriptions and referrals without an appointment.

We believe that repeat medication requires at least a brief appointment to review the ongoing need for the medication and its appropriateness to your medical condition.

Where you require a script for ongoing medication and/or ongoing referral please request a short appointment with any doctor. These appointments are usually available early in the day and directly before the afternoon session begins to minimise waiting. Your wellbeing is our paramount concern.

At Bluff Road Medical Centre, our clinical psychologists can assist with a vast range of mental health concerns, disorders, additions, sleep disorders and other related conditions. You can find more details about our psychologists and their areas of specialty here.
Some of our doctors have an interest in sports related injuries. Allied health services are available e.g. scans, physiotherapy, dietician and podiatry.
Skin Cancer Screening and Management

We provide a comprehensive skin cancer screening and management service at Bluff Road Medical.

Moles and suspicious skin lesions are checked, imaged and stored on a Fotofinder digital dermoscopy system for future reference. A detailed full body skin examination is performed. We assess all forms of sun damage including skin cancers such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and solar keratoses.

Dr Kokotis, Dr Malyan, Dr Dinesh, Dr Kimmins and Dr Fonti have conducted over 30,000 skin checks since commencing this skin surveillance service at Bluff Road in 2007.

This comprehensive skin cancer screening service usually takes thirty minutes and patients are asked not to wear makeup or face creams to this consultation.

Please make an appointment to see Dr Nicholas Kokotis, Dr Kachig Malyan, Dr Krish Dinesh, Dr Jenny Kimmins or Dr Mary Fonti on 9598 6244.  Further information click here. 

Teenage health advice can be sought independently for various psychological conditions, developmental concerns, sexual health and contraception.
A Translating service is available on request.

We use Telephone Interpreter Service which can be booked on 131450.

If you require this service please advise our reception staff prior to your appointment.

Bluff Road Medical Centre is associated with the Travel Medicine Alliance, Australia’s premier national organization of independent Travel Medicine clinics.

We offer a comprehensive range of vaccines including yellow fever, travel kits and tailored travel advice. Other important considerations include advice regarding malaria, rabies, altitude sickness and so on.

For high quality medical and specialized travel advice please make an appointment with either Dr Jason Rajakulendran, Dr Nick Kokotis, Dr Cora Mayer or Dr Joan San to discuss your travel medicine and vaccination needs.

Travel appointments and vaccinations are also available on Saturday mornings.

To make an appointment for travel medicine advice and obtain vaccinations please call our reception team on 9598 6244.

For more travel medicine information click here.

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