General Practitioner Registrar

If you’ve noticed doctors coming and going at Bluff Road Medical, do not worry as this is part of the process of training General Practitioners, and of course many return. We are proud to have welcomed and farewelled dozens of brilliant, caring doctors over the years from our GP Registrar program.

What is a Registrar?

A GP Registrar is a fully qualified medical doctor, undertaking advanced training to specialise in General Practice. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners requires aspiring General Practitioners to complete an advanced GP training program. Over at least two years, GP Registrars attend placements at up to four different medical practices.

Bluff Road Medical Centre offers six or twelve month placements to our Registrars. Here they receive a great opportunity to work in a busy, yet supportive environment that focuses on family medicine and community health.

Being qualified medical doctors, GP Registrars are knowledgeable and skilled. At Bluff Road Medical they can tap into decades of experience and insight from our team. After six or twelve months, Registrars generally move on to their next placement. Once they complete their final exams and are fully fledged General Practitioners, many continue their careers at Bluff Road Medical Centre.

Who are the current Registrars? 

Dr Samantha Evans Dr Emma Mossenton