Test Results

At Bluff Road Medical, our primary concern is your health and wellbeing. If you’re having tests done, your doctor will advise when they expect your results to arrive at the practice, so that you can make a review appointment to discuss the findings. Usually results are available three days after the test. We strongly urge patients to be responsible for following up on their test results.

Clinically significant results

Please rest assured that in the event of a clinically significant result, you will be contacted as soon as possible to make a follow-up appointment to discuss the results with your doctor.  Your doctor may also advise you of the need to make an appointment via SMS.

Accessing results over the phone

In certain instances test results may be available by talking to our nurses. With your previous consent, your doctor may send result information via SMS. Please inform us if your contact details change, especially your current mobile number.

Teenagers aged 16+

Please note that if a child is aged over 16 years, the details of test results cannot be legally disclosed to a parent without the patient’s prior consent, and this needs to be recorded in their medical notes.

Planning for the future

Bluff Road Medical is working on innovative systems within current regulations that we hope will enable our patients to more easily access their health information online in the future. We will keep you posted as new developments arise!


At our Sandringham medical clinic, all medical records are computerised and confidential. It is the policy of Bluff Road Medical to ensure that the security of all personal health information is maintained at all times.

Please inform our reception if your personal information changes (change of address, phone numbers, court documentation to advise of any child custody arrangements, etc).

Authority to access your information is only available to authorised members of staff in the normal course of their duties.