Transactional Fees Explained

July 30, 2022

Our recent email communicated changes which are now effective since the new financial year. These were in relation to appointment and transactional card fees as we move to becoming cashless by February 2023. This communique seeks to clarify the reasons for these changes in response to the feedback received so far.

Our bank recently outsourced its EFTPOS terminals to a multi-function terminal. This infrastructural change improves the compatibility and utility of our Practice Management software and aids compliance with recent changes in taxation and legal requirements.  Unfortunately, the bank concurrently raised its costs, and these transactional fees are passed on exactly as that has been charged to us. We have spent a significant amount of time and effort in negotiating these fees and hope that when we have progress with negotiations, we are able to pass that saving on in full. 

At Bluff Road Medical, we have continued to support and service those patients who are most impacted, such as our elderly patients and those with chronic illnesses. Numerous services including care planning for chronic disease, health assessments, home medication reviews, vaccinations, and treatment room services are routinely bulk billed. These services are insufficiently funded by the government Medicare rebate alone and we continue to take on the increasing additional costs instead of passing them on to our patients. It should be noted that Medicare rebates have remained stagnant for over a decade. In some cases fund withdrawal has occurred, such as the removal of payments for administering childhood vaccinations or managing patients with diabetes.

Our team is committed to ongoing medical excellence in healthcare. This includes providing a safe, integrated, and full-service clinic to meet all your needs and well as the needs of our community. Whilst other general practices may have been unable to see patients in person during the COVID pandemic, we adapted quickly to remain accessible to “in person” appointments alongside telehealth whilst maintaining COVID safe practices to ensure your safety and the safety of all our staff. Additionally, we set up a dedicated respiratory clinic with minimal governmental assistance to better assist your medical needs during this difficult time. Providing health services to our patients, remains (and will always remain) a priority however, we are a small business run by doctors and unlike many corporate owned and operated clinics, we are unable to continue to absorb these additional costs whilst trying to maintain the quality service we have built. The largest factor that determines your medical costs is your Medicare benefit which this year increased by 1.6% despite inflation hovering at 6%. Your say matters and we encourage you to discuss concerns regarding healthcare costs with your local federal member.

New Specialists on the Horizon 

Over the next 2 months, we welcome a new Dietitian and Endocrinologist at the Bayside Specialist Suite.

These specialists in addition to the Urologist, Gastroenterologists, Cardiologists and Psychologists allow for a more complete approach to your health.

Education Webinars in Motion

We recently held an educational webinar on the topic of Exercise and Osteoarthritis. It is often said that “prevention is better than cure” and “knowledge is power” which is why we are aiming to provide free and accessible health education. Through our regular Facebook/Instagram posts and website blogs, we aim to communicate the latest practice updates, glimpse into the “Life”of Bluff Road Medical and further educational webinars. All ideas and suggestions for future editions or topics are welcome! Please contact us on

Book your winter skin check

Many people leave their annual skin check to the warmer months, but there are a few compelling reasons to have a skin check in winter.

1) Less demand for appointments

One of the drawcards about booking in for a skin check in winter is that it’s less busy and usually much easier to get an appointment.

2) Get a more accurate skin check (in some cases)

Sometimes in summer with the higher UV and a tan, it can change the appearance of a mole. As such, in winter it can be easier for skin doctors to spot abnormalities.

3) Some treatments are best done in winter

Certain treatments can be more tolerable when performed in winter. For example, some topical treatments for sun damage and early skin cancers can be quite uncomfortable (causing an inflammatory response and a peeling reaction). You may be better off having these in the cooler months.

4) More downtime to rest and recuperate

In the colder months when you have less social activities, sometimes it’s better to have biopsies and excisions done, so that you have more personal time to recover.

Meet our new skin cancer doctor, Dr Myn Lee  

Dr Myn Lee consults at both Bluff Road Medical Centre, Bayside Family Medical and Southern Cosmetics as a skin cancer doctor.

Dr Myn originally trained as a General Practitioner and worked in rural Victoria and Singapore before deciding to pursue her passion for skin cancer medicine. After extensive training and acquiring several Certificates in Skin Cancer and Dermoscopy and a Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology from Cardiff,UK, she has since practised exclusively in skin cancer and cosmetic medicine.

Dr Myn is able to provide advice and treatment of skin cancers, ranging from non-surgical treatments to both simple and complex excisions with flaps and grafts. She is also well experienced to discuss all other dermatological concerns.

Ready to make a booking?

For further information about our skin check services, head to our UV Skin Cancer Clinic website.

To book an appointment with Dr Myn or one of our other skin cancer doctors, use our online booking tool.


July 30, 2022 |