New wellness centre opens in Highett

May 22, 2022
Drum roll, please! Bayside has a new wellness space offering a range of services designed to improve the health and wellbeing of locals.

MedHP, which stands for Medical High Performance, opened this month and looks at the different pillars of wellness and health – exercise being a core part of that.

Leading the exercise physiology team at MedHP is Sam Waley, who has worked in Bayside for more than a decade as an exercise physiologist with Rehabacise.

“We’re trying to create a hub and a fitness centre that is appropriate for anyone and everyone,” said Sam.

“Someone can come in who is really confident with their exercise, or someone can come in who is not confident with their exercise at all.

“We provide an environment that’s safe and nurtured enough to give them all the tools they need to move and pick what is going to be the best exercise option for them.

“The idea is that it creates an opportunity for everyone to be able to exercise, rather than just those who are confident lifting dumbbells.”

About the space

MedHP includes a 350 square metre gym, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

You can work one-on-one with an exercise physiologist, or train solo.

World-leading training equipment

In addition to cardiovascular equipment and free training equipment, what makes MedHP so exciting is the specialist equipment on offer – including leading brand HUR from Finland.

HUR provides intelligent computerised training options for senior exercise, rehabilitation and wellness.

“This equipment is state-of-the-art,” said Sam. “It’s focussed, isolated movements but the best part about it is that anyone who is a gym member will get assessed and programmed by the exercise physiologist.”

How it works

Once you’re assessed by an exercise physiologist, they will design a tailored exercise program for you on the HUR software platform.

Everything is encoded on a wristband, so all you need to do is scan it and the machine will preload the correct weight, then you start training.

Sam said the technology was a game-changer. “Let’s say you do 12 repetitions three times in a row quite easily; the machine will automatically increase the weight for you. It means you’re always progressing and improving your body.

“The data gets tracked in a platform cloud, so we can easily monitor your improvement every six to eight weeks and see where you need more work.”

MedHP is also the only facility in Victoria to offer the HUR Senso for balance training.

The device is perfect for those looking to reduce falls and improve cognitive function. “You can do all sorts of interactive balance exercises like downhill skiing and co-ordinated steps as part of your balance training, so it’s really fun and interactive,” said Sam.

Specialty exercise groups

If you’re a person who enjoys exercising with others, you’ll love MedHP’s speciality exercise groups. Examples include Reformer Pilates, Active Ageing, Type II Diabetes and Arthritis group sessions. All our classes are run by exercise physiologists who will ensure you maintain the correct technique and can offer options based on your needs.

MedHP also plans to run active adventure groups, such as community bike rides and stand-up paddle boarding days.

“We want to do more than just telling people to exercise – we want to give them a sense of community around their exercise and the social side of things,” said Sam.

“It’s about making friends, engaging people, training towards something and gaining a sense of achievement when you’ve done the task you set out to do.”

Information evenings

True to their commitment to community health and wellness, MedHP will be opening up information nights with specialists in their field, covering topics from arthritis to chronic pain management.

What age groups is MedHP for?

While the target market is predominantly over 50s, the wellness centre is accessible to everyone!

Foundation Pricing

Fitness centre: $32 per week

* Membership includes full access to the gym and information sessions. We recommend getting an assessment by an exercise physiologist (at an additional cost) prior to starting your tailored exercise program, which can be completed at your leisure.
Fitness centre + 1 x group class: $48 per week

Fitness centre + unlimited group classes: $62 per week

Like to know more?

To arrange a tour or find out about becoming a member, get in touch:

Ph: 1300 8 MEDHP
29 Advantage Rd,
Highett VIC 3190


May 22, 2022 |
Clinic news | Health and Wellness