Choose an Accredited Medical Clinic in Sandringham

So, you’ve found out that you are expecting a new baby, and are looking for a clinic that can treat you during and after pregnancy. It’s an exciting time, filled with questions and worry. You want the best medical care, and you would like a clinic that can treat you, your new baby, and the rest of your family. Your health care and that of your family are essential. When choosing a family medical provider, you should give it a lot of thought and make sure you are choosing one that not only provides comprehensive care but quality care as well. Not all doctors and clinics are alike and choosing one can be an arduous task. Ask friends for referrals, check online and be sure that you choose an accredited GP medical clinic in Sandringham.

If a medical clinic is accredited, it means the clinic and its doctors, nurses, and supportive staff have been assessed as being readily able to provide the highest quality of patient care and service. To maintain accreditation, private clinics are independently assessed against the Australian Health Care Standards for General Practice. Bluff Road Medical in Sandringham is an accredited clinic and we are proud of our status. We believe in ongoing quality assurance and welcome our patients’ feedback. We are always open to ways we can improve our practice and services. We have a patient suggestion box near reception to collect your input so you can conveniently share your ideas with us.

Sandringham Medical Clinic Provides Antenatal and Post-Natal Care

Our maternity team at Bluff Road Medical includes five doctors who work in conjunction with the Royal Women’s at Sandringham Hospital. They provide “shared care” which means that most of your maternity care is provided by our maternity doctors, and your baby will be born at the local hospital. Our doctors have treated thousands of expectant mothers and babies, and are proud of this tradition. Our team is there for you from your first antenatal appointment, to the birth and will continue your care into parenthood.

Not only do we provide antenatal care, but we have post-natal care as well for mother and baby. If you happen to have problems with breastfeeding, you can visit with our lactation consultant. Dr Anita Bearzatto can help you with any breastfeeding issues such as nipple damage or pain, little or too much milk supply, problems expressing milk, and weaning your baby from breastfeeding. If you are returning to work while breastfeeding, you may want to consult with Anita, and she can discuss the best way to meet your needs and those of your new-born. Dr Anita can also help you with other everyday problems new-borns have such as sleep issues, colic, rashes, poor eating, and introducing solids.

Bluff Road Medical Provides Comprehensive Care for the Family

We not only provide care for mothers and new-borns. Bluff Road Medical is a Sandringham medical clinic that provides comprehensive family health care for all ages. We have a brand-new purpose built clinic with a long-standing reputation for high quality care. Other special interest areas include skin cancer medicine, travel medicine, allergy medicine, mental health, and chronic disease care. We welcome new patients to our practice. Please give us a call today to set up your initial appointment, and we will begin what we hope is a lifelong relationship with your family.