New Patients Welcome at Medical Centre in Sandringham

Did your family recently move to Sandringham? If so, you are probably looking for a medical centre to treat your whole family. We at Bluff Road Medical can help you. Our clinic was established in 1987 and has steadily grown to be a leading Bayside General Practice your family can trust. For your family, we have available a large team of twenty-two doctors, eight nurses, and twenty administration and reception staff members. Our team cares about you and your family’s wellbeing. We welcome you to Sandringham and Bluff Road Medical where we provide excellent family health.

We have a well-rounded team of doctors who possess a vast array of experience. They continually undertake professional development education to stay abreast of the latest medical news and treatment options. This ensures that you and your loved ones receive state of the art medical care. At our medical centre in Sandringham we care about our patients and their families.

Allergy Skin Testing and Management Available

An itchy nose, red and watery eyes, skin rash, hives, headaches or a swollen face are just some of the signs of allergies that can bother people bother at any age. Allergies are a growing problem, and Australia has some of the highest rates of allergy disorders in the developed world, with 1 in 10 children and 2 in 5 adults being affected. There are some new treatments available to help relieve symptoms and increase your quality of life.

Dr Joanne Simpson is a general practitioner at the medical centre in Sandringham who is skilled in assessing and treating allergies. Initially, she meets with you for a 15-minute appointment to go over your concerns and current symptoms. If allergy testing is necessary, we will schedule you for a skin prick test at a future consultation. This appointment will be approximately 60 to 90 minutes where we will administer a skin prick test, and you can discuss the results and treatment plan with Dr Simpson. To speed things up at the clinic, we have an allergy questionnaire available online that can be filled out before arriving for your appointment.

Medical Centre in Sandringham Provides Skin Cancer Screenings

Bluff Road Medical also provides skin cancer screenings in Sandringham. Our skin doctors will do a thorough full body examination to check your skin for suspicious moles or skin lesions. They then store all images on a digital dermoscopy system to reference when necessary. Our skin doctors have completed tens of thousands of skin examinations since the skin surveillance service began in 2007. Don’t delay on a skin check. It’s a simple 30-minute appointment that can detect problems at an early stage.

We know moving and having to find a new doctor that provides family health can be challenging, but your family will be in good hands with our dedicated team of caring doctors. Give Bluff Road Medical a call today, and we can set up your travel, allergy or skin check appointments, or schedule check-ups for your entire family. We look forward to speaking with you further.