Travelling Abroad? GP in Sandringham Offers Travel Care

Travelling abroad can be an exciting time, whether you are going to Kenya, Thailand, Nepal, Peru or any other exotic location. There are so many things to do and see, and you’ll want to make sure you can experience it all while staying healthy and protecting yourself at the same time. Bluff Road Medical has a GP in Sandringham that offers all vaccinations including yellow fever, travel kits, and travel advice tailored for your intended destination. There are important things for you to consider such as malaria, rabies, Dengue, Zika Fever, and altitude sickness. We have a few well-travelled travel doctors who can discuss these and many more issues with you.

Know Before You Go

It’s important to make an appointment with your doctor six weeks before departing for another country. They will advise you of any vaccinations you may need, and what health checks you require for the region you are visiting. Some vaccines require more than one dose, so please don’t put off this appointment for the last minute or you may find yourself unable to travel safely.

If you are taking medications, you should check with the foreign consulate of each country to ensure that medications are legal in that country. When making an enquiry, please be sure you leave ample time for a response. Always take enough medication for your intended length of stay and beyond in case of travel delays. It is a good idea to divide the medicine between bags in case one gets lost, and always keep it in the original container with your name and dosage clearly printed on the label. If you are required to inject a medicine, try to take your own syringes. If you need to purchase them while travelling abroad, please be sure they are sealed and sterile. Our travel doctors work as GPs in Sandringham and can provide a travel letter outlining what medication and dosages you are taking overseas.

Other bits of medical advice your doctor will discuss includes the risk of hepatitis and HIV. You should always practise safe sex and avoid activities like ear-piercing, acupuncture, tattoos and dental work while overseas, especially in countries with lower health standards. Your travel doctor will advise you if this is a risk where you are travelling. Never use drugs and avoid medical tourism. Avoid using temporary ‘black henna’ tattoos as the dye can cause a skin reaction that can be severe, and take along a spare pair of glasses in case yours should get broken.

Sandringham GP Provides Comprehensive Care

The Travel Medicine Alliance is a large national organisation in Australia consisting of independent Travel medical clinics, and Bluff Road Medical is associated with them. Travel medicine appointments are also available on Saturday mornings if needed to accommodate your busy schedule. Call today and make an appointment with our Sandringham GP travel doctors including Dr Jason Rajakulendran, Dr Joan San and Dr Nick Kokotis. These doctors stay abreast of global travel advice by attending both local and international conferences regularly. Our travel doctors look forward to discussing your exciting overseas travel plans with you before you next depart Sandringham.