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At Bluff Road Medical, we believe that fitness is a journey for everyone, regardless of age, life stage, or physical condition. Our comprehensive approach to fitness encompasses a wide range of programs and resources tailored to meet the unique needs of different populations. Whether you’re an adult seeking to maintain an active lifestyle, an elderly individual looking to stay fit, a pregnant or postpartum woman prioritising health, or someone with chronic conditions or disabilities, we’ve got you covered.


Maintaining strength and fitness as you age is an essential element of staying healthy and living well.

The average Australian’s lifespan has increased by around 11-years over the last 50-years, and with advancements in modern medicine and screening techniques this trend is going to continue.

How do you want to live, and what things would you like to be able to do in the future?

It might be time to travel, by plane or caravan. Perhaps you want to perfect your golf swing or continue to move swiftly around a tennis court.

Herein lies an important question, ‘are you fit for your age?’

Introducing a Bluff Road Medical Fitness initiative: The Functional Milestones Assessment (FMA)
Please fill in the form below to view your ‘age-specific targets’ and for more information about the testing procedure.

For further information or to book a Functional Milestone Test,
please contact MedHP on 1300 863 346 or email admin@medhp.com.au

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