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December 15, 2020

Protect your skin this summer

It’s that time of year when we love going to the beach, hanging out in parks and spending time outdoors. Summer is a wonderful season, but it’s also when our skin takes a hammering from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Here’s a quick reminder about why it’s important to protect your skin, how to do so and where to get help.

Why sun protection is important

Did you know 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70? That’s right – Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, so it’s important to be vigilant.

UV radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancer. It also causes premature ageing and eye damage.

How to protect your skin

You can help protect your skin from UV exposure in 5 simple steps: 

  • Slip on a long-sleeve shirt
  • Slop on 30+ sunscreen (or one with a higher SPF rating)
  • Slap on a broad-brim hat
  • Seek shade
  • Slide on some sunnies.

Checking the UV Index

You should take sun protection measures whenever UV levels are 3 or higher. You can find out the UV levels on the SunSmart app or on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Look out for skin changes

How familiar are you with your skin? Get to know your spots and look out for any changes in the shape, colour or size of moles, freckles or other skin lesions.

If you do notice something out of the ordinary, please book in for a skin check with our Skin Cancer Doctors. We offer full body skin checks, as well as mole mapping. It’s a good idea to schedule in an annual check-up too to stay on top of any changes.

Our doctors are here to help 

To make an appointment, click here or phone (03) 9598 6244. Have a great summer and be safe!


December 15, 2020 |
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